About Anarchos



Anarchos is a Greek word meaning “without rulers”.

Its presence in our name serves to reflect the belief that our role is one of collaboration, not authority. This is emphasized in our work through three core principles.

Provide guidance while fostering autonomy

We train adults, not children. We believe it is our responsibility to take their thoughts and experiences seriously, not to simply tell them what to do. Further, it is part of our task to help clients build autonomy in their health and fitness practices, so that they can maintain them for a lifetime.

Coach, don’t administrate

With a few years of work, anyone can do a decent job of writing a strength and conditioning program. At Anarchos, we believe that the program is merely one manifestation of the work of coaching. We focus on building relationships with our clients to ensure that the program is a reflection of the clients actual needs in real time.

Move imperfectly forward

The training process is a clear path marred by near infinite detours. All too often, coaches and clients try to deal with this inevitable uncertainty by seeking to eliminate it. The Anarchos way is different. By acknowledging that not all rough edges can be smoothed out, we are able to embrace uncertainty and imperfection and work within their confines.